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Why Healthcare Organizations are Moving to Cloud Informatics

Over 83% of health care organizations are embracing the cloud. Find out why

eBook Cloud InformaticsA seismic shift is underway in healthcare technology. Cloud computing has come to healthcare, with adoption accelerating across every technology area, from EHR, to PACS, to VNA, and overall image management. Organizations are already seeing significant benefits, with increased agility, instantly sharing and receiving patient data and imaging.

With structural changes in the healthcare system underway, interoperability, rapid image sharing and storage has become a priority, and cloud computing is proven to help across multiple dimensions. And with increased regulatory focus on efficiency, and scrutiny on costs, cloud image management offers the opportunity to both reduce redundant imaging exams due to lost or missing data, and lower operational costs of running expensive to maintain on-premise systems.

Better yet, cloud opens up new avenues for growth, from increased patient satisfaction, to increasing inbound referrals.

In this guide, Ambra outlines different types of cloud deployments, the benefits of each, security features to look out for, and TCO benefits.

Find out:

  • The different kinds of clouds
  • What the benefits of the cloud are
  • Key security features
  • How cloud applies to imaging
  • TCO comparison
  • Benefits of mobility